SBAC Meeting Minutes – October 2018

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SCENIC BLUFFS AREA MINUTES               Oct. 6, 2018

ATTENDING: Mike H., Dave P., Drake B., Vicki P.

Opening. Servant Workers Prayer.


LIVING CLEAN – Alano Club, Adams, Tue. 7pm

$13  Donation            4 – 8 Attendance             Vicki P., GSR

SICK IN THE STICKS – Baraboo Civic Center, Baraboo, Tue. 7pm

$0 Donation          8 – 12 Attendance           Dave P., reporting

NO MASKS ALLOWED – St. Clair Hosp., Baraboo. Sat. noon. Sun. 10am

$0 Donation              2 – 3 Attendance        NEEDS SUPPORT

TEXT MESSAGEMarquette Community Church, Montello, Tue. 7pm


STRAIGHT AHEAD – Basement of the Historic Place, Portage, Mon. 6p, Thur. 7p.


 $0 Donation         3 – 6 Attendance

Recovery on the Rise – St. Vinny’s Resource Cntr., Mon. and Thur. 7p

$0  Donation                 6 Attendance       

HOPE AMONG US – Trinity Baptist Church, Reedsburg, Wed. 7pm

$0 Donation           3 – 8 Attendance                      Dave P., reporting

Just for Today – Reedsburg,  Meeting officially closed.

WELCOME HOME – Faith United Methodist Church, Westfield. Sun., 7pm

$15   Donation          3 – 8 Attendance        Vicki P., reporting

Paid rent to the church for the first time.

JUST ONE LIFE – Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Wi.  Dells, Fri., 7pm

$25 Donation      8 – 11 Attendance               Drake B., GSR

Halloween pot luck Oct.

Facilitator/Web page- Mike H.

Web page kept up to date. 

Acting RCM – Vicki P.

     Next  Region is in Nov. in Wisc. Rapids.   A survey on the phone line was done by the Regional P.R. Committee and there was no response from our part.   The people on our phone line have moved away and nothing has been done to update it.  Will we update or asked to be removed? We chose to be removed.  We need to update out meeting list on the Regional website.

Acting Secretary – Vicki P. 

Last month a member had expressed wanting to take the position pending her job and later had to decline the position.  The minutes were read and approved by those members attending.

 Activities –  Cold Turkey is the end of next month and a budget needs to be approved.  $35 for the rental of the hall and $200 deposit, refundable if the hall is left clean and no damage, approved by the body.  Budget for food $300, approved by the body.  It would be nice if Mike A. would be present at the Nov. business meeting since he is in charge of the event.

New Business – Discussion of putting a campout together at the end of June before Memorial weekend.  Also cost of getting Pharmacy cards with the Area information for distribution.

Old Business – Many Positions are open and we need people from the area to get on board. Please take back to your groups. Bring people to the Area meeting to see what we do here. We meet the first Sat. of each month.

 Treasurer -Vicki P.  

See attached Bank statement for report.  Report approved as read.


Next Meeting Nov. 4, 2:00. St. Clair Hospital, Baraboo. Crane room.

Thanks for allowing me to serve, Vicki P., acting Secretary.

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