Scenic Bluffs Area Service Committee Meeting Minutes: August and September 2017

Download or print September 2017 meeting minutes here: SBASC Minutes Sept 2017

Download or print August 2017 meeting minutes here:  SBASC Minutes 8-5-2017



September 9, 2017

ATTENDING: Wes H., Dave P., Tony L., Drake B., Mike H., Vicki P.



Living Clean     A.F. Alano Club, Adams, Tue 7p

Attendance: 2 – 4          Donation $11.00     Vicki P., GSR

Welcome Home  Faith United Methodist Church, Westfield, Sun. 5p

Attendance: 5 – 9       Donation $0     Vicki P., reporting

Sick in the Sticks    Civic Center, Baraboo, Tue. 7p 

Attendance:  7 – 12     Donation $0    Dave P, reporting

No Masks Allowed    St. Clair Hospital, Baraboo, Sun 10a, Sat. noon

Attendance:  2 – 6    Donation $20.00    Dave P., reporting

Just One Life    Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Wisc. Dells, Fri. 7p

Attendance: 18 – 20     Donation $25.00      Drake B., GSR

Hope Among Us   Trinity Baptist Church, Reedsburg, Wed. 7p     No report

Just for Today  St. John’s Lutheran Church, Reedsburg, Mon. 7p

Attendance: 6       Donation $0       Tony L., reporting

Recovery on the Rise    St. Vinny’s Resource Center, Prairie du Sac,                   Mon. & Thur. 7p      Attendance: 2 – 8     Donation $0     Wes H., reporting

May be moving the meeting.  Looking at options.

Straight Ahead   Basement The Historic Place, Portage, Sat. & Mon. 6p, Wed. noon, Thur. 7p     No report


FACILITATOR’S REPORT  Wes H.        Attended Burning Desire Picnic


ACTIVITIES –  Burning Desire Picnic

21 people attended,      Spent  $134.22 food

                                                       $    50.00  Park

                                                          $ 184.22     total expenses

  Took in           $202.00


 Time to move the Area flag to another meeting.  Discussion, another meeting not well attended.  The newly moved meeting in Reedsburg, Mon. night.

Vicki will contact Cindy H.


H & I –  Basic Texts were well received by the men at the Sauk County Jail. 

RCM – Vicki P    will be attending the next Regional Service in Oshkosh.

Hotel is $118.95 for one night and mileage $25.42.  


Also asking for a reimbursement of food for the picnic of $28.80.  

One check for a total $173.17.  the break down will be noted in the check book.




August balance  $ 1,012.14


#1062          $ 50.00    Kilbourn Fire Dept.  Park depsit

#1066         $ 173.17   Vicki P, RCM, Sept. Region, & picnic reimbursement.


Living Clean                $ 11.00

No Masks Allowed    $ 20.00

Just One Life               $ 25.00

Additional picnic $     $ 39.00

Total Deposit             $  95.00


Bank Balance   $ 844.97




      Minutes from last month read and approved.  To be posted on the website.

Thanks for letting me serve, Vicki P acting Secretary.


Scenic Bluffs Area Service Meeting

August 05, 2017

ATTENDING: Drake B., Mike K., David M., Mike A., Dave P., Wes H., Vicki P., Mike H.



Living Clean  A.F. Alano Club, Adams, Tue. 7p

Attendance: 2 – 5         Donation $0           Vicki P., GSR

Welcome Home  Faith United Methodist Church, Westfield, Sun. 5p

Attendance: 4 – 9      Donation $0       Vicki P., reporting

Sick in the Sticks  Baraboo Civic Center, Baraboo, Tue. 7p

Attendance: 7 – 12    Donation $0   Dave P., reporting

No Masks Allowed  St. Clair Hospital, Baraboo, Sun. 10a, Sat. noon

Attendance: 2 – 4          Donation $20                                                                                  

Rent pd. 3 mo. as hosp. donation $75   David M., reporting.

Just for Today    St. John’s Lutheran Church, Reedsburg, Mon. 7p         No report.

Hope Among Us  Trinity Baptist Church, Reedsburg, Wed. 7p

Attendance: 5 – 10        Donation $38     Rent pd.    Mike A., reporting

Just One Life  Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Wisc. Dells, Fri. 7p

Attendance: 15 – 25       Donation $25     Drake B., GSR

Recovery on the Rise  St. Vinny’s Resource Center, Prairie du Sac, Mon. & Thur. 7p

Attendance: 1 – 8    Donation $58.56     Mike H., reporting

Straight Ahead  Basement The Historic Place, Portage, Sat. & Mon. 6p, Wed. noon, Thur. 7p      Attendance: 3 – 15     Donation $0    Rent pd.  Mike K., reporting


WEB PAGE –  Mike H.

Cost of renewal for 1 year $35.85. 

Proposal: To reimburse Mike H. for the cost of the web page for 1 year of $35.85.  approved by the body.


SBASC Facilitator’s Report – Wes H.

I attended the Regional activity Fun with Flags, where Vicky and I listened to Regional sub-committee chairs from Activities, Outreach, Public Relations and Hosp. & Institutions spoke on their area of service and addressed concerns voiced.  I will let Vicky elucidate further on the workshops.  



Last months report was approved by the body.

Balance ending July        $957.22

INCOME  Soda sales      $15.00

      Just One Life             $25.00

      No Masks                   $20.00

      Hope Among Us        $38.00

  Recovery on the Rise    $59.00

    Area Deposit               $ 157.00

Picnic Deposit                $202.00



#1065 KellyZ.  (Picnic food)  $134.22

#1063 Mike H. (web page)     $35.88

#1064 WRSO (H&I books)    $133.98

Ending Balance, August         $1,012.14


We did get the deposit check  back from Kilbourn Fire Department. The other check for $50.00 has not yet gone through.

       Thanks for letting me serve, Vicki P., Treasurer



The proposal to order 10 soft cover basic texts for the Sauk County Jail was approved by the body.  Cost was $133.98



Activities    Tony not present

A proposal to limit the cost of the food for the picnic was $200.00 and approved by the body. 


RCM   Vicki P.

   Attended the Regional Fun in the Sun Campout,  July 16, Kohler-Andre State Park, Sheboygan, with Wes H.   Workshops Sat afternoon. I brought a handout from the P.R. work shop with questions on how are we doing P.R. as an individual, a group, at Area and at Region?

  I also brought the Area Flag that has our Area logo and all the meetings in our Area and was signed by members of our Area.  There were 9 Area flags brought and pictures of the flags were taken and are to be posted on the Regional website as well as the face book page, along with the meetings where the flags will be.  4 people from another Area must go to the meeting where the flag is held in order for it to be captured.   The results will be revealed at next year’s campout.  



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